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Polishing Turds

2013-05-19 16:38:08 by Naruto46346753839262

The new vampies wont have jony in it nemore. gunna make nu people... idk.. at this point id b polishung turdz. no1 even cares so y do i try

Polishing Turds

Its been a really long time but its done! With many thanks to the osom peple who helpd me make it!!!! I will not bore u guise wif details since no 1 rele cares >___________>... but i HOPE dis is da episode that makes vampy popular! not a meme but geez! cmonnn. i work hard and make original anime. CANT I GET SOME LOVE !!!!!!!!!1 *pant* okay thats the end to my ramp. i mean rant xD. ehhh here we go anyways. 93!

also if i get scouted i will upload more kawwai art like that to the art portal... do it or else

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Naruto Vampy Episode Seven is here! (100th POST!!!)


2013-01-31 01:30:23 by Naruto46346753839262

lol! i no random :P



2013-01-27 13:06:44 by Naruto46346753839262

my flash is done but BACKKGROUNDS @______@.... i wannamake them good... any tips? my flash is 23 min long




2013-01-14 21:33:23 by Naruto46346753839262

this is taking so long. the sooner the better for release tho U________U

rezistanse is most L1k3ly n3@r t|n 3|v|> 0\= 73h l1n3


sorry for the big spam feed guys

lil art for ya (sneek peak)

plz scout me

2013-01-04 22:20:17 by Naruto46346753839262

i cant submit any more art becuz there is a limit!!!! i will clean the art i hav up now tho i promise!!!!!!!

23 min

2013-01-04 18:25:13 by Naruto46346753839262

my flash is 23 min long so far and that is with no INTRO OR CREDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

23 min

Happy 2013!

2012-12-31 11:42:50 by Naruto46346753839262

I know i iz like 12 whorues l8 xD i men earl-YYY xd

i dunno if vampy 7 gunna b relesed...

maybe i make a trailer.... ya... a traillller >: D

jus sit tight...

Happy 2013!