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2012-03-17 15:27:58 by Naruto46346753839262

aprently no1 nos football tp:// ://
://en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/American_football
:// ki/American_football well thar. newgrunds idk y. y do i try anymore. no1 cares. i go on vacaytion. i hate all of u........................


I know its not the handegg season! (xD) okay football but im going to release this soon! o almost done... heres a screenshot :P oh yeah fyi there are tons of sound effects!!!!!!! :D

Nearly complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2012-03-08 23:41:22 by Naruto46346753839262

Yas i still wanna kill ppoozy T___T

;_; but check dis out!!! ^____^

i b workan hard!

(maybe i even get more den 5 reviews?? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!111

or frunt page :P!!!!!!!!


I have had it NGs... I been on dis site since 2008. I been trying my hardest too make good flashes like the best. I dont hav the most fans ever.. but i still try.. i still give it my all. But this is so much. too much...

I hav been making lots and lots of content for ths site. I have had flashes blammed over and over. Pple call me names, say i never become anything. But I still try. I have even learnt how to paint in photoshop. I spend hours and hours many moments making pics for what? No 1 cares. I still try though. I even do my best to learn english so you guys can get me better. For what? FOR WHAT?

I try to be silly, this a silly site you know? And THIS HAPPENS!!!! I GET BANNED! I GET BANNED! They called me names and dont give a real fact for ban. No i get called names. I try for what? I hav never asked for much newgrounds... this is not fare... this is not nice... why do bullies do this? why our bullies in charge? why? why? WHY? WHY???!?!?

This is a silly site. I try to be silly. And THIS!! This is NOT FARE! I work on my cartoons and art to be silly I try to stay action filled content as much as i can. But i make my flashes not for me. I do it for everyone. I like making people smile. But. The bully mods. "POOZY" Does he care? no. He dont care. All he cares bout is power. he bullies little guys. why can he do this. I did nothing wrong.

the little guy always gets walked on. allways............... allways.... i been here since 2008. 5 years. i made 10 flashes. 10 flashes. each 20 minutes long each. over 2 hours of content newgrounds... 2 hours of flash animation ive made for you. i never get seen. i never get reviews. i dont get sad. i try harder. i try harder. but... but but but... this... this is not fare! ive had enough! i cant take it! this is not fare! please! this is not fare!

WHY! PLEASE HELP ME! WHY!! !!!! WHY DID POOZY WHY YOU BAN ME! YOU ARE A BULLY! A BULLY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!! Please newgrounds please... i am crying. i have never asked for anything. please. please help me now. please help me stop poozy. why this happen to me.


why bother...... -_______________- do i give up.... why...... it the big picture... its the big picture guys.....

Abusive Mods - Poozy - Banned For a Month


2012-02-26 18:30:50 by Naruto46346753839262

i haf so many ideas for flashes and pics but it$ 2 much. when i do make a nu flash it'll b short... like a minute or sumtin. dont worry tho.

idk skool is hard but i dnt do my homework =( but i dnt do neting at home eithr :-(


This is a rough draft of the next wallpaper photoshop painting im going to do. If i had a pencil it cuda been the whole thing but u cant ink or do practice rough scetches with heavy inky pens.

I might remake episodes 1-4. (if i do the chase scene for four will be epic o__________o

Someone needs 2 scout me..

made in paint

2012-02-20 18:05:16 by Naruto46346753839262

feelin a lil sick. maybe im just down.

maybe ill paint this.

- painted in paint

made in paint


OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I make pretty cool flashes! For like 4 years! And yet i get like 3 reviews at most! I want front page! Or a collection series! GRRRRRRAYTH!Hhhhhhhhhhgh!

How do i unlock super stardom?/


2012-02-08 10:05:22 by Naruto46346753839262

*NEW*Grounds is rly weird!!!!!!!!!! Also minecraft flashes are teh LAMZORS! 4 srs noobs u_u

I had 2 frkn reformat my compooper and now i lost everytin rly 4 da most part u_____u dam u ! DAM U SUPPORT CENTER!!!!!1111111111111111

o ya!

I makin a vampy superbowl flash :3