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Entry #104

Looking for work . . . ? ( A N Y S K I L L / L E V E L )

2015-05-26 23:06:56 by Naruto46346753839262

Maybe u would like to join my Media team? Maybe I'll pay u, prolly not . . . I will give you credits tho and a lot of "creative perspective" in how u help me with naruto vampy. Possibly. Donut worry tho i will give you instructionz to folo though if i choose u. 

- voice actors / actresses 

- background / prop artists

- animators

- maybe u color too?

- sound effects

- translations

- anything else u can think of

if u promote naruto vampy i will include ur character in a reel episode. So let me know. U can PM me or comment. 4 reel any1 looking to help me owt i will help u out compltly


THX! ! ! 


naruto vampy 8 will get a trailer soon? kthx! #narutogaiden #yolo




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2015-05-26 23:38:54

Kiba Inuzuka fan club for life.

Naruto46346753839262 responds:

who let them dogs out??


2015-05-27 00:16:45

ey wassup man
how ya doin

(Updated ) Naruto46346753839262 responds:

i been doin good dis whole time believe it. beiber hijaked that term tho. still gets me 2 this day. struggle build chakara 4 reel

hbu sword kingz??


2015-05-27 00:17:15

Wow, this sounds so unbelievably awesome. If I join then I'll be super famous!

(Updated ) Naruto46346753839262 responds:

hmmmmm . . . you pretty talented Lusin. Music, flash, art, & den some. If more people like u show up maybe we can do a short collab 2gether to get warmed up b4 june ends