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uhhhh... why didnt he point the gun at his face at the end ? he pointed it at his chest. u look like lazy muffin is a big sinspiration of urs

InkClod responds:


*SIGH!!!!*. . . .

After four seconds you gave up on switching backgrounds for the rest of your submission . . . Not only that the last 26 seconds (not including credits) . . . all you anim8'd was the mouth, and a hand loop. You got skill but to call urself the "INSANE ANIMATOR" . . .

The only thing that makes u insane imho*** is sellin urself short. At least put the mouth movements inside a movie clip - AND MAKE THE HEAD MOVE WHEN HE TALKS! WHAT THE HECK! ! ! I AM NOT A TROLL ! BUT I CAN TELL UR LAZY!!!!

MarvinAnimation responds:

You wanna know who's lazy YOU because you could be making an animation or doing something worth the while instead you just gave up your time. To say negative a and I quote a Big negative comment that really does not mean a thing to me. yeah Hahha very funny Just say you don't like markiplier animations and that I hate Fans of markiplier. now if you be so kind to stop F'en around like a stupid little twit and man up and grow balls and a person to inspire. not Negative shit head hatter who wants the world to evolve around him. you think you mean shit to me N***a Please. this comment of yours only shows how easy it is to provoke you. ha wow I'm so scared.

I really think Krillin deserves android 18 . . .. i rated 2 but i voted 5 i hope this passes. U got a lot of potential. What do you think it is doe . . . ? release the film soon enuff

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Wow . . . at least u tried . . . . keep practicing space commander zero . . . were these bot women?

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u didnt do as bad as u tot u did. ask urself y you got into performing in da 1st place. if u do, you shud be proud of what u did hear. and i think the audience claping was just cuz they got into it... its a happy thing... cmon

u do not need to sing it like 2d ether. sing like u wanna sing it.

HipnikDragomir responds:

Thanks for the inspiring words, but the clapping was wrong. I had my classmates do it correctly, but the dumbass audience overtook it. I can't reach Damon's range, so I tried going lower.

I MAY NEED TO USE U... :- ) do you do more kinda anime voices?

RossBurnside responds:

I can certainly try! - throw me a message with what kind of voice you'd like!

oh gawd

im startin 2 fall in luff wif you lazymuffin ^^, keep up work! lengths gr8!

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Not a bad start. She look like a kunochi (female ninja)

veery cool. nice color choice and how u stuck with it. all is well. Only reason it aint 5 / 5 is cuz the whole picture is amazing, but somethin bout that girl . . . . . cant put my finger on it. keep @ it always!

KristinaChio responds:

Oh thanks! and thanks for the feedback:)

Where he gunna put the peppermint stick XD!!!!!???

naruto is the best anime in the wrold, if u dont think so, i keel you! xD


NINJA ^______^

ninja training my shadow jutsu

hidden leave village =_=

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